james rea (2)I receive numerous emails and I am often approched  with questions about The Producer’s Chair and my guests.

In an attempt to answer the most FAQ, I have added this page.

Why did you create The Producer’s Chair?

It occurred to me that everybody is after the major producers. Songwriters, pluggers and publishers are after them to cut their songs, musicians are after them for session work, unsigned artists are after them to produce and pitch them to labels, studios are in need of their business, equipment manufacturers seek their endorsements, labels are after them to produce their roster and major recording artists need them to produce  HIT RECORDS.  Nobody had ever put the guys behind the glass, in the spotlight.

How did you get the show started?

I designed the set, found “The Chair”, booked my first 4 producers, acquired a venue, secured a date for the first show and then I went over to the Tennessean and asked the receptionist;  “if anyone at the paper would be interested in knowing about a new show called The Producer’s Chair.”

The receptionist asked me to have a seat and within 10 minutes, I was in the chief editor’s office telling him about the show.

A couple of days before my first show, The Tennessean did a full page spread with bios and photos of my first 4 producers, on the front page of The Living Section. Opening night, Scott Hendricks packed the place. And the rest as they say, is …  MUSIC  HISTORY

Can I buy advance tickets to the show?

No, there’s a $ 10.00 cover at the door / first-come, first-served

When I come to the show, can I bring a demo to give to the producer?

Yes, there is a basket at the entrance table where you sign-in. During the show, we randomly pick one CD from the basket, the producer critiques the song & demo and at the end of the show, all of the CDs in the basket are given to the producer.

Is there an opportunity to meet the producer at the show?

Absolutely … The Producer’s Chair is a talk show. My guests always arrive about 1/2 hr before showtime, have a beverage and say hello to old friends and new. During the interview, my guest does some Q&A with the audience. At the end of the show, we do a meet-n-greet and every member of the audience can have their individual photo taken with the producer.

If I cannot attend the live show, is the show on-line anywhere?

Yes, The Producer’s Chair shows will be available on-line very soon.

What are the producers really like?

They are wonderful. They donate their time and they give great interview. They’re all very stage savvy, articulate, transparent and a great hang. They love the business, they love the community and most of all … they love the music. You must come to the show and meet them.

Has the show changed over the years?

Yes it has. I wasn’t on stage for the first 3 shows.  I introduced my guest, the producer would sit in the chair ‘alone on stage’ and do an hour of Q&A with the audience. By the fourth show, I realized that the show could have more impact as a talk show. I can’t thank Scott Hendricks, Michael Knox, Frank Liddell and David Z enough for being, my first 4 guests.

In the first year, I moved the show around. I did the first 4 shows at 3rd & Lindsey, the second 4 shows at The Station Inn and the last 4 at The Commodore/Holiday Inn Select (west end). In January of the following year I moved the show to Douglas Corner and have now been there for 7 years.

In year 2, I started giving away sponsor-donated door prizes.

For the first 5 years, the show was free. Now, there’s a $ 10.00 cover. 

In 2009, I started writing a monthly ‘PRODUCER’S SPOTLIGHT” column in the Nashville Music Guide.

In 2010 The Producer’s Chair was given the TSAI, Hallman Award for “The most outstanding contribution, to the songwriting community.

In 2012, I started writing THE PRODUCER’S CHAIR column for Music Row Magazine, ROWFAX. 

In 2013, SONGLINK (in the UK) also published my column. 

In 2014, Music News Nashville also picked up my column.

For the past two years, most of my guests have performed a couple of songs, to close the show.

The producers now critique one song from the drop-basket, during the show.

And … my interviewing skills have improved.

If you’d like to be put on the mailing list for show notices, or if you have any other questions, please send me an email. I will respond within 24 hrs.