Larry Weiss is a multi-awarded singer/songwriter, performer and record producer. His iconic Rhinestone Cowboy was voted the CMA song of the year, ACM song of the year, American Music single of the year, American Music album of the year, Grammy nomination for song of the year. In 2004, ASCAP declared it one of the top ten most performed Country songs of the 20th Century. Though Jimmy Webb declared..”Rhinestone Cowboy” made Glen Campbell an icon..but ask Larry and he’ll tell you that Glen Campbell was the one who made his song iconic!

Larry grew up in Newark New Jersey, in a household of constantly played music. His parents appreciated the best in both classical music and timeless songs sung by great artists of the day. His brothers and sister were given piano and music theory guidance, but Larry would have a natural instinct and become self-taught, though this talent wouldn’t reveal itself until he was in his early 20’s. It was the early 60’s, and Larry found himself hanging out on Broadway, frequenting the Brill Building, the original Tin Pan Alley spot and Jack Dempsey’s right next door. He landed a writing gig for $50 dollars a week and soon his songs were getting discovered and covered by R&B acts like: Baby Washington, Chuck Jackson, The Shirelles, Dione Warwick, then by Linda Scott, Lenny Welch and Ruby & The Romantics. But once Nat ‘King’ Cole recorded one of his songs that rode the ‘B-side’ of a million seller, Larry knew he was on his way. In 1965, he landed his first music industry Job, assistant A&R at Kapp Records, working under Tom Catalano, who would produce Lenny Welch, Ruby & The Romantics and send both ‘Darling Take Me Back’ and ‘Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore’ his songs, onto the Pop charts. A year later he would join Claus
Ogerman’s Helios Music, discover a writing partner in Scot English, and score with ‘Bend Me Shape Me’/American Breed, ‘Help Me Girl’/Eric Burdon, and ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’/Jeff Beck, a song that would morph into one of the biggest sports anthems in the UK today.

A year later, Catalano would bring him to BobCrewe’s Saturday Music Publishing, where he would co-write ‘Mr. Dream Merchant’ for Jerry Butler, and write ‘Evil Woman’ recorded by Spooky Tooth. Catalano would leave Saturday Music to begin his momentous string of successes producing Neil Diamond. By 1972, the New York music scene had changed, prompting Larry to move himself and family to sunny Los Angeles. He spent a year at Famous Music writing songs for Bobby Sherman, Lou Rawls, Donny Osmond. But he felt he had more to offer as a writer, and the opportunity would come along. In late 1973, Larry signed with 20th Century Records and recorded what would be his first acclaimed album, ‘Black And Blue Suite’. It contained the original version of ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, the first single, that began to get steady play in and around California, Unbeknownst to Larry, Glen Campbell had heard the song on the radio and it had caused him to pull to the side of the road to listen.

Larry’s album though a critical success, did not break through. Songs from it were covered by Barry Manilow, Ann Murray, Three Dog Night and David Clayton Thomas. He felt discouraged that his great effort did not break through and was actually considering leaving the music business altogether. However, destiny was about to step up. Glen had begun his next album project with producers Lambert & Potter, including tracking ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, when he was invited to perform on a local L.A. TV charity event. He sang Larry’s song, which was seen by Paul Drew, then the director of the biggest radio network of the day, the RKO Radio Chain. Drew knew the song because of Larry’s version and had considered adding it to his national playlist. Sensing potential magic, Drew contacted Glen’s record company, learned Glen had recorded the song and asked for a mixed reference dub copy. What he heard he loved, and force-released it Glen’s all over the country. Glen Campbell and ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ became synonymous traveling all around the world selling over four million copies. Even Johnny Carson performed a spoofed version of it to millions more, making it the third highest rated show of his TV career. It was ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ mania over the next two years racking up many awards for both Glen and Larry.

Realizing the marque value of his great song title, Larry began promoting the idea of having a feature film based on his song, and helped package the 20th Century Fox film, ‘Rhinestone’, that ‘hiccuped’ and starred Sylvester Stallone’s and Dolly Parton. Larry has contributed as a writer or singer to major movie sound tracks. He sang the theme song for ‘Who’s The Boss’, has also performed at the Vatican as a guest of Pope John Paul II, for Christmas Eve 1999, with The Millennium Choir, has been a frequent performer at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and various other venues in and around Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. Today, songs both new and old are still vital. “Bend Me Shape Me’, already a product endorsement song for some major brands.

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Paul Castoe has been writing songs in Nashville for the past 20 years, so it comes as no surprise that, he has a big soft-spot for songwriters and the heart of a teacher. Paul is currently in his 6th year, serving on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Songwriters Association (TSAI) … and … on any given Wednesday night, you can find Paul conducting his weekly Songwriter Workshops. But don’t think for one minute that all of Paul’s musical influences were Country. Paul grew up in Columbus, Ohio on everything from Elvis and Glenn Miller to Merle Haggard, Neil Young and Deep Purple, while apprenticing as a cabinet maker, construction designer and furniture designer.  And … Congratulations are in order … Paul just got married.

Whether you’re interested in hearing songs from Paul’s catalog, joining TSAI or you need a ‘really skilled’ cabinet-maker …

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Dale Allen Pommer, aka “Dale Allen” is an award winning songwriter. His songs have appeared on television (NBC’s daytime serial “Another World”), on multi-platinum albums (Frances Black in Ireland) and have been recorded by over 20 artists in six different countries.

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John Trentes is a songwriter, publisher and an attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. John has numerous cuts including, Grand Ole Opry performer Brenda Kaye Perry and newcomers Brody Caster and Starr Belle. He has won numerous songwriting awards including Tennessee Songwriter Association International ‘Song Of The Year’ in both 2014 and 2015 and ‘third place’ in the 11th Annual Billboard International Song Contest. John also owns and operates “Risen River Recording Studio” and is a member of TSAI and ASCAP.

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Bill Warrington writes for New Nash Music in Nashville with numerous cuts to his credit. He is an award winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer living and working in Nashville. Bill currently plays in an Americana Band called “The Inside Road”, in the Duo, “WarringtonForce” with John Forcinelli … and … as a Solo Artist.


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Nancy Deckant is a songwriter, publisher and songplugger. She has been a workshop coordinator for NSAI since 2007. Nancy has 10 years experience performing in indie rock and country bands and co-produces her own music. In 2015 she co-founded Riser Music, a publishing company with Elmer Knable. The company has a growing list of artists and songwriters that they represent on Music Row and also in TV/Film.

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Elmer Knable is a publisher and a writer of songs in Nashville working everyday on building his publishing company’s catalog of songs for radio, film, jingles & TV. Artist development. Elmer started Earworm Nashville publishing on Music Row.

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Bruce Madole is a writer of fresh, story-driven songs, with 14 cuts to his credit, so far. He writes primarily in Americana, Roots and New Country genres.

For over ten years, Bruce was a Coordinator in the NSAI’s Toronto Regional Workshop. These days, he is both an author and a workshop leader, as well as the Host and Co-Producer of The Source of the Song, a songwriter’s concert series in writers’ round format. His twitter handle is: @SongsAreStories.

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