The Producer’s Chair Mission Statement

To Provide … a ‘BACKSTAGE PASS’ to ‘THE MUSIC INDUSTRY’, through the ears and eyes of the most celebrated Producers, in ‘THE MUSIC INDUSTRY’


10th Anniversary Show … August 25, 2016









In 2010 The Producer’s Chair was honored to receive The Tennessee Songwriters Association’s HALLMAN AWARD for “The most outstanding contribution to the songwriting community.” 

TSAI Award

The Producer’s Chair is the only place where ‘EVERYBODY’ can connect with Nashville’s most prominent producers.  And … you just never know who else is going to show up that night.

The show has it’s own unique talk show format, in that a. every guest is a major record producer, b. my entire  interview is with one guest.

In advance of every show, my guest and I get together at their home, office or studio and we cover everything that we want to talk about, on the show. My pre-show interviews are taped and are usually about two hrs in length. Then, there’s homework . I transcribe the tape and I spend about four days per month on the internet doing research and listening to a good cross-section of the albums they’ve produced.

I created The Producer’s Chair to meet the community’s thirst for KNOWLEDGE, CONNECTIONS and THE TRUTH  and … I designed the show, with a structured and yet casual approach. Attendees can kick-back and have a drink, while the producers share stories about their successes, defining moments in their careers, their music, their mentors and their historical relationships with the biggest artists, musicians, songwriters and music execs on the planet.

Show nights are electric … you can see the looks of anticipation on the faces of every audience member, as they enter the studio. And … they’re never disappointed.

Everyone who attends the show has the opportunity to … 

1. Submit a demo for my producer guest

2. Ask questions during Q&A

3. Win great door prizes ranging from microphones, studio headsets and software packages, to free studio & rehearsal time

4. Have their photo taken with my guest in a meet-n-greet, after the show

Harold Bradley, past President of the Nashville Musicians Union once told me; “You don’t have to know everybody in Nashville. You only have to know one person, who knows everybody in Nashville.”

The Producer’s Chair is all about relationships.

James Rea – Creator/Host